Air Conditioning St. Louis, MO

We have been St. Louis’ choice for all air conditioning needs for over 50 years. Over the years, our licensed and union-certified technicians have helped residents escape the brutal summer heat with the area’s best air conditioning service from repair and maintenance to air conditioning installation in St. Louis.

Air Conditioning Installation

HVAC Installation is key when choosing the right contractor. You can have the top of the line equipment installed in your home but if the installation isn’t done correctly you can be throwing money out the door!

Our HVAC Installation Specialists and Home Comfort Consultants receive regular training to stay informed of the ever-changing air conditioning technology.

Air Conditioning Repair

We understand the frustrations of having an air conditioner go out, especially during the summer months, which is why we’re available 24 hours a day. It’s our job to make sure each service call is completed at the most cost-effective price for you. Our service technician will show up with the right tools and most likely the right parts to repair your air conditioner so you can quickly get back to your daily routine!

Should you repair or replace your broken air conditioner?


Air Conditioning Maintenance

For over 20 years, we have offered annual maintenance agreements to our customers. The maintenance agreement ensures that we will visit your home once in the spring and once in the fall to maintain your air conditioner and furnace so they are running properly for their respective seasons.

Having annual maintenance done on your furnace and air conditioner will result in less breakdowns during the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Some benefits to having annual maintenance done on your furnace and air conditioner:

  • Lower utility costs due to more efficient operation
  • Less stress on the equipment which results in less breakdowns altogether

Choose from three different tiered maintenance plans and receive additional savings on all possible repairs as well as front-of-the-line emergency service and more.

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Carrier Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Overview

Carrier’s lineup of high efficient Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps are unmatched in the industry. They boast SEER ratings as high as 21 (the highest available in the industry) and currently offer up to 30 different models to provide homeowners with specific equipment for their particular application and needs. Typical replacement cost for today’s high efficient Air Conditioners and Heat Pump’s range from $1,500 to $7,000. Click on each of the drop down boxes below to learn more about Carrier’s unique approach to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, or just start with SEER and click next on each subsequent page to learn all there is to know about Carrier’s excellent Air Conditioner and HeatPump product line.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating)


Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) is an industry standard form of comparing an air conditioners ability to convert electrical energy into cooling for your home. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the equipment is. Further, SEER is an industry standard, and it can be compared between competitors. Due to new government regulations, the minimum SEER rated condenser allowed to be produced for consumption in residential applications in the USA is 13 SEER. This was revised up from 10 SEER, and has had great reaching effects in the industry.

Carrier Corporation has taken the lead in air conditioner design to meet the new government requirements, and wiped the slate clean, redesigning their entire air conditioner line for 2006. Once again, this allowed Carrier to lead the industry in several ways….

To achieve greater efficiency all manufacturers, including Carrier have had to increase the size of their air conditioning units. Being concerned about taking up too much space in your yard, Carrier Corporation has utilized and patented all new 7mm rifled micro tubing in their Air Conditioners and Heat Pump’s. This smaller tubing results in equipment with greater or equal efficiency and simultaneously smaller equipment than the competition, leaving more of your yard to you.

Carrier has the most complete line of residential air conditioner and heat pump units with air cooled units ranging from the Comfort 13 SEER thru the Performance 17 SEER unit thru to the Infinity 21 SEER unit currently the highest rating in the market. If you are interested in learning more about how SEER rating affects what you spend on your electrical utility charges feel free to click here for an interactive illustration of the savings possible by increasing the SEER rating of your Home Comfort System

PURON Refrigerant

Carrier can also claim the leadership position in regards to environmentally friendly refrigerant. With Puron™, Carrier took the industry lead with a non CFC refrigerant (an ozone depleting compound) in 1993. Carrier is the industry leader in ozone friendly air conditioners and heat pumps. Each and every model of Carrier air conditioner and heat pump is available as a Puron™ model, while others in the industry are just starting to offer this option, or haven’t! The ozone could use more friends like Carrier!

Carrier Heat Pumps and Hybrid Heat

Carrier Heat Pumps can be utilized in Hybrid Heat™ systems. In this configuration electric is utilized as the primary heat source by implementing the outside Heat Pump as the heat source for the majority of the winter. When outside temperatures fall below freezing the gas furnace is utilized to provide the heat needed to maintain the desired set point in your home. This results in a greater percentage of heat for your home to be derived from electric. Electric is normally the less expensive utility in winter months. Most importantly it allows YOU have control over which utility you use as the primary heat source for your home.

Infinity Controls & How They Enhance Home Comfort Experience


Coupled with Carrier’s Infinity™ controls, Carrier air conditioners can manage your homes humidity as well as temperature. Matched with an Infinity™ two speed air conditioner or heat pump your Infinity™ control maximizes the efficiency of your system by utilizing low speed compressor operation when possible, while still managing your indoor humidity levels. What this means is more comfort and less operation expense. This is not to mention the benefits of Carrier’s Infinity™ control when mated with a heat pump and matching gas furnace. This Hybrid Heat™ system is the most sophisticated of it’s kind in the industry, measuring outside air temperature and using this information to make the best determination of which heat source to use in your home, electric or gas

Can't hear your AC or Heat Pump run? It Must be Carrier!


The above comment is not uncommon among our customers who have just purchased a new Carrier Air Conditioner or Heat Pump!

In the midst of redesigning it’s entire residential air conditioner line, Carrier once again stepped up and incorporated Silencer System II™ technology into select models of their newly engineered Air Conditioner’s and Heat Pump’s. Carrier incorporated some of the same technology here that you might find in a quiet running submarine. No wonder that condenser fan blade looks so funny!

If you have not heard one, you’re not missing anything, because they are hard to hear. This is an area our competitors would rather we didn’t mention, because the competition does not even come close to Carrier in this area!

Indoor evaporator coil affect's on my home comfort & system


Not to be overlooked in this equation is the indoor evaporator coil. This coil is the indoor section of your air conditioner / heat pump, and is the key to maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency and life expectancy. It should not be a surprise, but once again Carrier leads the industry in this category. Tin plated coils, expansion valves on all coils, N shaped coils to cope with the 13 SEER mandate and the need for greater coil surface area, are all areas Carrier has covered. Finally, in most cases, new air conditioners and heat pumps require new indoor coils. Contractors telling you something to the contrary are attempting to lead you to a purchase based on price alone, not on what is best for your home and system.

Specifications of the Carrier AC line available thru Vogel