Architectural History

This is how we started! Fresh back from WWII, Leo set out to make his mark in St. Louis, and started Vogel Sheet Metal. Back in “the day”, Architectural Sheet Metal was as much art as trade. Gutters were not run out of a machine, they were built by hand; seams were soldered; miters were hand cut, and ALL buildings had architectural sheet metal elements. Nearly every South St. Louis home had an ornate sheet metal cornice, and Vogel specialized in this work. In reality the entire business relied on this work for nearly 20 years.

Leo’s son Steve learned from his father, carried on this tradition, and today has shifted the focus of Vogel’s architectural business to commercial work where this “hand built” tradition still comes into play. Our focus on Commercial Architectural Sheet Metal work has not changed our “old school philosophies of remembering that service is the key to our success. This is never more evident than when a roofing contractor or general contractor is in need of immediate manpower to keep his/her project rolling, water tight, on schedule and profitable. This kind of work is as much about service as capability, and at Vogel we pride ourselves on both!

Some projects of interest that we have completed recently include: Delmar Gardens North (copper standing seam roof), Boeing Building 101 (re-roof project), Southwestern Bell (re-roof project), US Court House (Cape Girardeau), St. Louis Work Force (re-roof project), St. Charles Schools, Mehlville Schools, Parkway Schools, and so on……