Commercial HVAC Maintenance, Service & Repair

Since 1946, Vogel Heating and Cooling has been premier choice for many businesses for commercial HVAC maintenance in St. Louis. We regularly maintain the HVAC systems of many small to upper medium-sized retail stores, restaurants and offices as well as large retail stores and auto dealerships that have many locations.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your HVAC system running at an efficient rate in order to lower utility bills and reduce the cost of replacing equipment. It also protects the people in your building from discomfort, improves the indoor air quality, and can save you from a possible lawsuit.

We offer our commercial customers a unique maintenance plan that is tailored for their business’ needs. There’s no sense in paying for something you don’t need, so we work with you to form the best HVAC maintenance plan to keep your system running at its optimal efficient rate.

The commercial HVAC industry is a diverse field that comes with many options and products. At Vogel Heating and Cooling, we can be a one-stop shop for your business as we have experienced technicians trained to maintain any air conditioner, furnace, boiler and chiller.


Call us to meet with one of our experts to customize your facility needs at (314) 351-2533.