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Vogel heating and Cooling is pleased to compliment our already strong Carrier product line with Daikin Industries’ line of VRF/ Duct free products.

 Interesting factoids:

Daikin Industries is a leader in VRF technologies (Variable Refrigerant Flow), inverter compressor technologies, VRF control technologies, and multi zone technology refrigeration technology.


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Inverter Compressor Technology

Inverter Compressor Technology:

What it is:

The term inverter applies to the type of motor used to power the compressor in Daikin air conditioning equipment. An inverter motor has the ability to operate through an infinite range of speeds. Daikin applies their exclusive control technology with inverter motor technology to allow 2000 individual points of HVAC control capacity. Until recently a good US standard was 2!

Why it’s important:

Think about the outdoor environment your home or office will experience. You know what they say in St. Louis; “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!” St. Louis weather is actually RARELY ever at the “peak load” your air conditioning system must be designed to cool or heat on the hottest or coldest day. Inverter Technology allows your Daikin Air Conditioner to adjust capacity and deliver exactly the amount of air conditioning your home needs moment by moment. This enhances your indoor comfort!


Even at full capacity Inverter Compressors are super efficient to operate, but as an additional bonus is when the system runs at lower capacities it becomes more efficient! Can you say Green? If your indoor environment utilizes Daikin technology… Yes you can!

VRF Technology

What it is:

Daikin’s inverter compressor technology is a natural progression of its original novel approach to air conditioning, which is providing multiple zones of control utilizing refrigerant flow. This novel approach allows Daikin to connect multiple fan coil units to a single heat pump. There are other ways to provide this level of indoor comfort, but NONE as efficient or flexible!

Why it’s important:

Daikin’s multiple fan coil technology allows Vogel Heating & Cooling to design your HVAC system with pinpoint controllability. It is not unusual for a commercial building to require simultaneous air conditioning and heating with different desired temperature set points in each zone. Daikin technology makes it possible to provide precise temperature control across your entire building. Daikin’s HRU technology (Heat Recovery) even allows for simultaneous heating and cooling from fan coils connected to the same heat pump. (If you think you might be interested in this technology, please call our office and speak to one of our experts.) There is no more efficient way to provide
simultaneous heating and cooling in your building than Daikin technology!

A Few More Daikin Advantages

A few more Daikin advantages:

Simplicity of installation:

Since Daikin utilizes refrigerant rather than air to move your air conditioning to where you need it in your indoor environment, and since refrigerant lines are small compared to duct work, installation of Daikin AC in existing buildings can be much simpler, actually possible from impossible in some historic and other existing envelopes.

Electrical load:

If you have a multi zone design concept in mind for an existing or future project you will most certainly require an electrical component of work. In most cases Daikin’s superior efficiency requires less electric to operate. This can have a positive affect on your budget both in price and in the necessary utility connection to your building.

Energy Efficiency:

It’s impossible to explain every facet of why Daikin’s unique approach to providing indoor comfort is more energy efficient. It is very common for Daikin systems to approach or exceed geothermal system efficiencies. HRU technology actually allows the system to move heat energy from one part of your building to another without the need for a compression cycle. Due to differences in refrigerant temperatures due to the natural process of direct expansion heating and cooling, refrigerant ends up being a most efficient way to move heat energy through out your building. Advanced concepts that our experts can apply to your system design to maximize your comfort and minimize your building’s carbon footprint!


Daikin’s multi zone fan coil approach allows its technology to be applied as a solution to a small issue like one trouble hot spot in an otherwise comfortable indoor envelope or a large HVAC solution like a school or multi story office building to replace a much more complex system such as a cooling tower/chiller/boiler/fan coil system.

Ease of Maintenance:

It’s simple to maintain. Systems are self charging when commissioned, allowing for precise refrigeration charge (an important factor necessary for your system to deliver its design efficiency that YOU paid for.). Larger multi zone applications eliminate the need for cooling towers, boilers, chillers and other “plant” resources that require water treatment and other costly and complicated maintenance measures. With Daikin system’s it’s just about keeping the coils and filters clean, and enjoying the unique comfort and efficiency Daikin offers!

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