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Ductless Mini Split Systems

Vogel Heating & Cooling has the HVAC solutions to fit even the most unique of home comfort needs.

Our certified technicians know that there is not a "one size fits all" solution for keeping every home cool. We spend the time to properly select and fit our HVAC systems to each unique home, including those that may be ductless, constructed with plaster or have additions and other rooms that are not adequately controlled by the primary HVAC system.

Often in homes with the above obstacles, our St. Louis customers prefer the installation of a ductless mini split system for convenience and seamless temperature control throughout the entire house. The system allows for temperature control smaller spaces without the addition of a full second system or additional ductwork.

Mini Split System

Mini Split Diagram Mini Split Diagram

Benefits of a Mini Split HVAC System in Your Home

  • Compact size makes it easy for our technicians to install in virtually any qualifying space
  • Installed on an outside wall of your home so they can be seamlessly connected to your main system
  • Easily controlled from your iPhone or smart device
  • Save you more money on monthly energy costs than the installation of a full second HVAC system
  • Ductless heating and cooling helps reduce your carbon footprint
  • Quick and easy to install since they do not require additional ductwork
  • Improve indoor air quality as they are not connected to ductwork that may gather dust throughout the year

Mini Split Heat Pumps

As temperatures drop, mini split systems serve as heat pumps for rooms that tend to trap in colder air, thus helping your main furnace not work as hard in the coldest months of the year. Though the system is connected to the outside of your home, mini split systems do not run the risk of freezing due to snow and ice, or overheating like many other space heating options, providing year-round comfort in your home.

Mini splits can also help conserve energy in your home during the fall and winter months, allowing you complete control over the temperature in that specific area. A powerful heat pump, your mini split system can warm up a cooler space in your home relatively quickly, meaning it does not need to be running 24/7 like your main heating system.

Mini Split Air Conditioner

Most frequently used in home additions, four-seasons rooms and upper level spaces that tend to retain heat in the summer months, mini split systems offer an efficient way to rapidly cool a smaller space. The temperature can be controlled to match that of your main HVAC system to avoid inconsistencies in temperature and imbalance in cooling efforts between the two systems.

Do you think a mini split HVAC system may be the right solution for your home? Contact Vogel Heating & Cooling today for a complimentary installation consultation with a home comfort consultant.

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Carrier Heating & Cooling Solutions: Vogel Heating & Cooling is proud to offer Carrier’s product line of air conditioners. Carrier offers the latest in home cooling technology and is an industry leader in efficient cooling equipment. They also offer many product options to cool homes across St. Louis.