Energy Management

In the business world it often seems the interests of the corporate world are at odds with the interests of the common good. Building Energy Management is an item that can benefit both the business owner’s pocket book, and that of the environment. Energy management is commonly thought of as automated control of the energy consuming devices of a business. This is energy management in it’s simplest form; a simple programmable thermostat is an example of an energy management device. Some examples of energy management you might not have considered are economizers, which allow the use of cool outdoor air in lieu of mechanical cooling when conditions allow, or energy recovery units which pre-condition outdoor air, allowing a reduction in air conditioning capacity, thus a reduction in utility costs.

The best approach the specific energy management solution for your company is affected by several variables. Some are as simple as the age and condition of your equipment, others include consideration of how well your equipment is maintained, to what capabilities does your current equipment have and how are they controlled.

Don’t forget, our specialty is forced air indoor air conditioning. If your building utilizes forced air systems for indoor air conditioning, we are experts at not only recommending the most efficient solution for the Energy Management of your business, but also finding a fit that best suits your budget and needs!