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Energy Recovery Ventilator

In addition to cleaning and humidifying your indoor air, a simple way to keep your home healthy is to continuously replace a portion of your indoor air with air from outdoors.

What sources of indoor air quality are most affected by continuously replacing your indoor air?

Think about this: Each and every item in your home is the product of some sort of production process and more than likely contains some chemical treatment. Furniture is stained and sealed, carpet is created from synthetics before being dyed to color, walls are painted and continuously releasing fumes as they cure. The list goes on and on. As powerful as it is, even the Infinity Air Purifier cannot address all of these important concerns.

So why not just hook up a duct and pull the air in from outside? The answer is simple. The unconditioned air from outside would place a large burden on your existing Home Comfort System and cost hundreds of dollars to condition in the extreme months. Here is where the Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilator comes in. It has a built in heat exchanger and while the unit brings air into the home, it exhausts as much air as it brings in. The air leaving the home first passes thru a built in heat exchanger where the coolness or warmth is captured and “recovered” for use in conditioning the incoming air.

In the end, as with most of Carrier’s industry leading products, you get to have your cake and eat it too. Breath of fresh air included!