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HVAC Zoning System

An HVAC zoning system is a system for your heating & cooling that utilizes dampers in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to specific areas of the home. With zoning, different areas of your home can be easily controlled independently of one another. This allows for the creation of customized temperature zones throughout the home for increased comfort and efficiency.

Most households can benefit from a zoned HVAC due to room temperature fluctuations, personal temperature preferences or lack of use in certain areas of your home. By having a zoned HVAC, you can accommodate those different comfort needs, while helping you save energy and money.


Zoning System

The installation process includes placing automated dampers into your existing duct work that allow air flow and temperature control as needed throughout different levels in your home.

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Arzel Install

Arzel Zoning Technology

Vogel Heating & Cooling is proud to offer Arzel zoning system products, which provide numerous benefits to our customers.

  • Cost-efficient – you can experience up to 30% efficiency gain with a zoned system.
  • Convenient – Arzel zoning systems can be retrofitted into your existing HVAC system and require less maintenance than mini-split conditioning units.
  • Reliable – utilizing long-lasting, pneumatic-based technology, Arzel products are more reliable than bulky motor-based systems.
  • Comfortable – Arzel’s Comfort Guarantee promises that Arzel will buy back your zoning system if you are not satisfied within one year of the date of sale.
Large Windows in Home

You Should Also Consider a Zoned HVAC if:

  1. You have large windows in your home
  2. A top floor that’s always warmer than the lower floors
  3. Rooms that you seldom use or that feel stuffy
  4. You have specialty areas like a home gym or home office
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Can I Add Zones to My HVAC?

Yes, zoning systems can be installed into an existing HVAC system. Installing dampers inside your ducts is the most common way to add zones to an existing system. If you’re interested in a zoned system for your home, contact us today. Our expert consultants will guide you through

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