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Infinity Controls

Carrier’s Infinity controls are state of the art! While it does combine an integrated thermostat and humidistat, the Infinity Controller does much more than just combine these very important home comfort functions into one controller. The Infinity Controller is an evolutionary controller design necessitated by the evolution of the Carrier line of upper end air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers and furnaces. As Carrier’s designers built the capabilities into their equipment necessary to address all of the elements of home comfort, the line really was left incomplete without a controller to harness the power of the equipment’s capabilities and turn that power into the best home comfort experience available today.

What’s the difference? The Infinity control component that takes the place of the thermostat on your wall is really only a piece of the Infinity control system. Each piece of Infinity equipment is designed with an integral control component which intelligently communicates with the primary Infinity controller. When your Infinity system is connected on initial startup the primary controller gathers information about the air conditioner and furnace to which it is connected. This intelligent process allows the controller to extract 100% of the comfort potential from your system. Items like fan speed control, compressor control, dehumidification cycle, humidifier control, Hybrid Heat and so on are then able to be dynamically and specifically controlled with pin point accuracy to provide your home with the exact humidity, temperature and energy savings settings of your choice.

In a nut shell, the capabilities of Carrier’s premier equipment line are so advanced, it takes the power of a fully integrated control system to extract its full potential. The Infinity Control solution maximizes your comfort and energy savings!