Residential Furnaces St. Louis, MO

For more than 70 years, Vogel Heating and Cooling has helped homes warm up during the bitter cold winter months in St. Louis. For furnace installation, furnace repairs or furnace maintenance, turn to our licensed and union-certified technicians who are available 24 hours a day.

Furnace Installation

Vogel Heating and Cooling are certified experts in installation of furnaces. We regularly train our installation specialists on the latest products so they can help you understand what exactly to expect from your system. To get your free estimate on a new replacement furnace in your home please fill out this form.


Furnace Repair

No one wants to feel cold especially during the winter months, so it’s our job to make sure each service call, including emergencies, is completed in a timely fashion and repaired correctly the first time.

Our diagnostic charge is $99.00 for our technicians to come out and fully diagnose the problem whether its during the day or evening and weekends! He then will quote you the amount for any repairs that need to be made at that time. Click here to learn more about how we service and repair furnaces.

Furnace Maintenance

For over 20 years, we have offered maintenance agreements to our residential customers. These plans ensure that we will visit your home twice a year to check and inspect that your furnace and air conditioner are running properly.

Choose from three different tiered maintenance plans and receive additional savings on all possible repairs as well as front-of-the-line emergency service and more.

Maintenance Benefits

  • Lower utility costs due to more efficient operation
  • Less breakdowns during the hottest and coldest times of the year
  • Less stress on the equipment which results in less breakdowns altogether


Click here to learn more about our maintenance programs!


Carrier Furnaces

Carrier furnaces feature the latest in home heating technology. From blower to heat exchanger to installation configuration capabilities Carrier simply offers more options to choose from, to heat your home in a more comfortable, and more efficient way.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating (AFUE) is a measure, by percentage, of how efficiently a furnace converts gas energy into heat for your home. Carrier loves these concrete comparisons, because they are industry leaders in efficient heating equipment!

Carrier’s range of furnaces falls between 80% AFUE to as much as 96.6% AFUE.

Comfortheat™ technology is the ability to heat your home quietly and effectively by means of 2 stage or variable stage furnaces. This technology is designed to mimic the comfort of radiant heat by slowly churning warm air into the home with lower blower speeds and partial gas train utilization, rather than the on again, off again, roar of an old style single stage furnace.

Infinity™ technology integrates all of Carrier’s home comfort solutions. This 21st Century control technology is an industry exclusive, and allows intelligent, overlapping control of indoor; humidity, temperature, air quality, zoning, and scheduling, in addition to optional remote access of the entire system via the internet.

Carrier’s 80% AFUE furnaces are available in standard single stage, Comfortheat™ and the ultimate Infinity™ model. Prices on 80% furnaces can range from $1,400 to $3,500. Other considerations: some installations require a flue liner (at additional cost) when the new furnace is vented into a masonry chimney.

Carrier’s 90+% AFUE furnaces are available from standard single stage, Comfortheat™ and the ultimate Infinity™ model. Some models of the Infinity 96.6% Carrier furnace meet requirements for federal tax credits. (see tax credit link on our links page) So much heat is removed from the combustion process and utilized to heat your home, that 90%+ AFUE furnaces are able to vent combustion gases through plastic pipe directly to the outside.

Another feature of a proper 90%+ installation includes utilizing outdoor air for the combustion process. This sealed combustion system adds to the efficiency of your home comfort system by not drawing warm air from the house and out thru the flue. Don’t forget, air that is drawn out thru your flue must be replaced by cold, dry, outdoor air! 90%+ furnaces with properly installed combustion air pipe eliminate this loss of warmth and humidity from your home.

To compare the sounds of Carrier Furnaces to the competitions click here.