UV in Lights St. Louis, MO

UV & Me

The Carrier Ultraviolet Germicidal Lights (UV Light) are installed in close proximity to your indoor evaporator coil, and actually destroy microbial growth on the coil. It is either installed in your plenum or coil case, directly above your evaporator coil, or mounted in your air handler, directly above your evaporator coil. This is where fungus and microbes commonly grow inside of an air conditioning system.

The UV Light works to clean the coil and prevent the growth of fungus on and around the coil by destroying the DNA of the fungus to kill or deactivate it. It is actually quite surprising to see the difference between a system without UV lights compared to a system with UV lights installed. In days past where we were accustomed to seeing mold and fungus growth on a coil, and either cleaning these surfaces, or treating them with chlorine treatments, with UV lights there is nothing. The coil appears the same as the day it was installed!

Typical prices for UV Germicidal Lamps installed range from $500 to $950.00. UV bulbs require periodic replacement for maximum performance. System includes either one or two bulbs, each costing approximately $90.00.

UV lights are not for all systems, as the UV can adversely affect the plastic drain pans of some condenser coils. All new Carrier evaporator coil drain pans are UV resistant, and are constructed with the possibility of a UV light installation taken into account.