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Free Replacement Consultation

To set-up a free virtual or in-home consultation for HVAC replacement services, please fill out a form or call us. You will receive a phone call or email confirmation within one business day.

  • An increase in utility bills
  • Aging equipment
  • Expensive repair bills
  • Inconsistent temperature levels in rooms
  • Unusual noises

Given the necessity to maintain the safety of both our customers and employees, our team is ready to serve you in the way that best suits your needs. Learn more about our Virtual Consultation process and Covid-19 Safety Training.

Repair or Replace?

If your system is exhibiting any of the following tell-tale signs, it may be towards the end of it's life' meaning, it is likely worth considering a system replacement.

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Signs to Replace Your HVAC System

In-home 60 Minute Consultation

When a Home Comfort Consultant arrives at your home they will evaluate your current system, assess your duct work, discuss pain points and review Vogel's replacement approach. During this time, they will walk your home and take note of window placements, the direction your home faces, and other key factors that determine the size of system that your home needs.

Review Options, Cost & Warranty Coverage

At the conclusion of the consultation, our team will provide system options, discuss pricing, and finance solutions and review performance expectations with you. At this phase, we will also review your warranty options and discuss what coverage works best for you.

Timeline & Expectations

If Vogel is the right fit for your HVAC replacement needs, our Home Comfort Consultant will provide you with next steps, which will include establishing a timeline for installing your new system and guidance on what you can expect during the process.