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AC Installation in St. Louis, MO

If you're looking for a new air conditioner for your St. Louis home, perhaps without knowing it, you are taking on two very important decisions. The first decision is the brand of air conditioner you choose. Your next decision, the most important, is WHO you choose for your air conditioning installation. No matter how good the equipment, an air conditioning installation that misses the mark by even a small percentage will have an exponentially negative affect on your equipment’s life and efficiency.

Vogel Heating & Cooling has more than 70 years experience with air conditioning installation in the St. Louis area. We know the devil is in the details. For that reason,  we offer a variety of benefits that make us stand out from other HVAC contractors. 


  • Our installers are highly trained, certified, licensed in St. Louis City and County and have many years of experience. All of our installers also have had and continue to take part in OSHA certified safety training.
  • Our Home Comfort Consultants have vast experience and continuously receive specialized training, so they are experts at advising homeowners from the most basic HVAC installations to the most complex. Therefore, when you schedule an air conditioning installation with us, you'll receive no less than high quality work.
  • You'll be able to choose the air conditioning system that works best for your home. You'd be surprised to know how many options are available from each of our equipment suppliers.
  • We utilize our vast experience to hand pick and precision match the systems our Home Comfort Consultant will present to you. We take great care matching the equipment we offer for your Air Conditioning installation, so you can best enjoy the benefits the manufacturer intended. This selection process is all done by a committee, not in your living room by a “salesman”.

Rewards & Special Offers

As a customer of Vogel Heating & Cooling, you can also join our referral rewards program, where you receive cash rewards and your friends get special service discounts. All you have to do is refer someone you know to our business. You can also take advantage of our special offers that include special coupons as well as rebates from Spire and Ameren for owning an efficient HVAC system. 

When you choose Vogel Heating & Cooling to install your new air conditioning unit, you are choosing the best. Call us at (314) 351-2533 or fill out our service form to set up your Free Replacement Consultation and begin your air conditioning installation.

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