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Commercial HVAC Replacement

If you own, manage, maintain or supervise construction and upgrades of an existing commercial facility and have the need for straightforward answers concerning your business’s HVAC needs, Vogel can provide solutions for your company! 

The focus of our entire commercial HVAC business is providing indoor air conditioning through the use of forced air systems. We specialize in the sheet metal duct systems utilized by commercial air handlers, roof top units, packaged units, make up air units, air curtains, kitchen exhaust systems, plant and process exhaust systems, energy recovery ventilation, and the service and installation of these equipment components.

Why Choose Vogel Heating & Cooling?

Our in-depth maintenance for HVAC systems helps keep them running at an efficient rate and last longer, which will help lower your business’ electric bill. Unlike some HVAC companies, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all maintenance program for our commercial customers. Instead, we think it’s important to offer a custom-tailored maintenance agreement to best serve the individual customer’s needs. Plus, we conduct a thorough check for each maintenance service to ensure your commercial heating system is in its best shape. Should you need your heating system repaired, you can also rely on us for service repair where we can examine your system and discuss the best solution for your commercial needs to fix the current issue and prevent others in the future. 

Comfort is key to keeping your business performing at its peak rate, so it’s important to us at Vogel Heating & Cooling that it’s equipped with the proper commercial heating system. That's why we offer commercial maintenance and installation for heating systems to ensure we can meet a variety of commercial needs. 

Proper and regular maintenance of your system is the single most important thing you can do. At Vogel Heating & Cooling, we recommend having your system checked each year to treat any existing issues and prevent future issues from occurring. Conducting maintenance every year ensures efficient operation and extends the life of your appliances. It is also the best economic investment you can make for your system.

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Keeping You Comfortable Year Round

We provide the highest quality HVAC services for local residential and commercial customers. No matter the weather outside, our team can help you bring the perfect temperature to your home.
    “Just wanted to pass on to you the compliment that the inspector had for Vogel when he came to check on the work you did. He said once he knew Vogel had done it, he knew it would be perfect.” - Angie
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