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AC Replacement in St. Louis, MO

When your air conditioner needs to be replaced, you may feel both stressed and worried about the level of comfort in your home. Thankfully, Vogel Heating & Cooling in St. Louis specializes in residential air conditioning replacement and can work with you to give your home a new air conditioning system. With our industry experience as well as our team of qualified and trained service technicians and home comfort consultants, residential customers can rely on us for their air conditioning needs.  Vogel Heating & Cooling has delivered residential air conditioning replacement services to homes through out St. Louis for more than 70 years. Below is a list of our benefits that make us stand out from other air conditioning replacement companies.

AC Replacement vs. Repair

A common question we are asked is whether your system can be repaired, or if it's time to replace your system. We have put together an easy quiz that you can use to determine where your AC system is in its life cycle.

Here are the main items we evaluate when considering an AC replacement:

1.  Age of the equipment

2.  Condition of your system

3.  How many repairs have been made to your AC in the last year?

4.  How long do you plan to stay in your home?

When you choose Vogel Heating & Cooling to replace your residential air conditioning unit, you are choosing the best. Call us at (314) 351-2533 or fill out our online form to set up your FREE Replacement Consultation and begin your residential air conditioning replacement.

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