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  • *Residential Service call's subject to $119.00 travel and diagnostic fee, Commercial Service call's subject to a $149.00 travel and diagnostic fee. Once diagnosed, necessary repairs will be quoted in accordance with standard flat rate repair price. Repair and quoted repair price may be accepted or declined by the customer at that time. Travel and Diagnostic fee will still apply in case customer declines repair. All calls are C.O.D. Overtime rates for Residential Service are $169.00, overtime rates for Commercial services are $179.00. These rates are for services performed after normal business hours Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm.

Air Advice

Find Out What You Are Breathing

We use an independent third party whose IAQ program enables us to identify and resolve key indoor air quality (IAQ) problems that can affect you and your family’s health, comfort and safety.

Their unique technology analyzes your home’s air 24 hours a day. Every minute, the monitor samples the air in your home and records the six key parameters of indoor air quality:

    1. Temperature
    2. Humidity
    3. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    4. Particulates
    5. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
    6. Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Nightly, this data is transferred via telephone to the third party servers where software analyzes the data.

The monitor is unobtrusive, measuring 8” H x 4.5” W x 3.5” D. Its operation is virtually silent. After the air sampling is complete, we will provide you with a full-color IAQ report that enables you to “see” your home’s daily air quality. Together we can then determine what may be affecting your home’s indoor air and when those changes occur. The report also suggests ways to solve your air quality problems. Using the report, we can work together to select the solution that is right for you!