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Air Duct Cleaning Service in St. Louis

At Vogel Heating & Cooling, we provide our customers with a holistic approach to home comfort.

We understand that home comfort is not just about the temperature of your home, rather, it includes the air you breathe and the quality of that air. Since 1946, Vogel Heating & Cooling has provided our St. Louis customers with thorough duct cleaning services, allowing them to breathe confidently, knowing the air that circulates through their home is clean and free of dust, dirt and allergens.

Benefits of Scheduling Air Duct Cleaning

  • Creates a clean living environment by reducing dust, dirt, allergens and irritants from your home.
  • Helps to remove unpleasant smells and odors caused by buildup of debris in your vents.
  • Improves airflow efficiency, allowing your system to circulate air more easily and saving you money on energy bills.
  • Homes typically require less dusting due to the removal of particle buildup that circulates through your home
  • Improves your homes overall indoor air quality.
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Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

  1. For air duct cleaning services, the technicians at Vogel Heating & Cooling prefer to block out a full 8-hour day, giving them time to complete your home's duct cleaning with quality and precision.
  2. Prior to beginning your cleaning, our technicians will do a full walk-through of your home and determine where drop cloths should be placed, as well as place additional drop cloths to protect your flooring from our equipment.
  3. Vogel will clean your ductwork with our patented RotoBrush® duct cleaning machine. The patented RotoBrush® machine utilizes a specially designed rotating brush and scrubs all interior surfaces of your duct while a powerful vacuum removes the freshly loosed dirt, dust and debris in one pass.
  4. Our duct cleaning process also involves use of a double-hepa filtration system, and extra measures to ensure we gather any residual dust or dirt that can fall from the vents during the process.
  5. The process involves cleaning the trunk of your system, cleansing each supply run and each return vent, ensuring total cleanliness upon completion.
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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Air duct cleaning is a large step in improving the indoor air quality of your home. Today's modern homes are built much more air-tight than in days past for the sake of energy efficiency. Because of this, the air in our homes becomes dirty much more quickly than in the past. Air that is filled with allergens, dirt and dust particles can cause illness and difficulty breathing.

We recommend adding duct cleaning services to your home comfort solutions at least once per year, with your regular maintenance, to ensure these particles are not continuously circulating through your home.

Vogel Heating & Cooling is proud to provide our St. Louis customers with a holistic approach to indoor air quality, including the continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCS) for 5-7 days to determine complete steps to ensure healthy air quality in your home.

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