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Repair or Replace?

You can use the following quick reference to help you with your repair or replacement decision. Write down or sum up in your head the number in brackets that best describes your existing equipment. This will be your decision factor. Once complete, click on and we will help you with your decision—– factors to consider:

Age of equipment
  • 1 to 5 years: [1]
  • 6 to 10 years: [2]
  • 11 to 15 years: [3]
  • 15 plus years: [6]
Condition of equipment
  • excellent: [1]
  • good: [2]
  • poor: [3]
Does your current equipment keep your home comfortable?
  • always: [1]
  • sometimes: [3]
  • never: [6]
How many repairs has your equipment needed to this point?
  • none: [0]
  • one: [1]
  • 2 to 3: [2]
  • 3 or more: [3]
How long do you plan to stay in your home?
  • 1 to 3 yrs: [1]
  • 4 to 6 yrs: [2]
  • 7 or more years: [3]
Do you have any idea what is wrong with your current system?
  • nothing: [1]
  • no: [2]
  • needs compressor or heat exchanger: [3]

Repair or Replace Results

The exercise we just completed is a simple rule of thumb method to help guide you, the consumer, through this tough decision.

REPAIR YOUR SYSTEM (6 or less): If your decision factor totals 6 or less you should most likely repair your system. This factor tell us your equipment is fairly new, which means it is most likely relatively efficient, in good condition (outside of the current problem), keeps your home comfortable, has not been a problem thus far, and/or you will not be staying in your home long enough to justify the economic benefit of a more efficient system.

EITHER / OR (7 thru 13): If your decision factor falls between 7 and 13, your decision is a little more difficult and will most likely require some help from a Home Comfort Advisor! Don’t fret it, because either way you go is probably okay! To help a little more, we have a couple of specific examples for you to consider:
Your equipment is 8 years old, but has kept your home comfortable. Now it needs a major repair, but you plan on moving next year. If you are fairly confident about the move, you should probably repair the equipment, because you will not be in the home long enough to reap the benefit of a more efficient system. The only wrench in this scenario is resale value of the home, and this very much depends on the value of your existing system. Your Home Comfort Advisor will be able to help here.

Your equipment is 8 years old, and has kept your home comfortable. Now it needs a major repair, totaling almost ½ of your investment in a new system component. You plan on staying in your home for 7 more years, so although an upgrade to your existing system will be more costly and probably require some financing, you will be in the home long enough for the utility savings to pay back all of your investment. Furthermore, replacing your existing system today will allow you to put your home on the market with a 7 year old system, not a 15 year old system needing immediate replacement and hurting your homes resale ability!

REPLACE IT! (14 or greater): If your decision factor is greater than 14, you should STRONGLY consider replacing your system. Although your investment to replace your system could be substantially more than repairing your system, today’s modern system options will allow you to keep your home more comfortable and will pay back most if not all of your investment before you move out of your home. The added value, comfort, and energy savings of a new system make replacement a no brainer!

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