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Maintenance Programs

Industry experts, equipment manufacturers, and the U.S. Department of Energy agree that HVAC system maintenance should be done every year!

Your Utility Company knows properly tuned HVAC systems reduce energy consumption and is willing to pay rebates to you to defer the need for new power plants.  

Proper maintenance combined with our new Performance Enhancement program extends the life of your equipment, prevents break downs, lowers your utility bills, and keeps you more comfortable year round!

It is such an important part of owning a home comfort system that we now include performance measurement and enhancement of your systems operation in every maintenance visit we make.

We call it our Customer Rewards Membership.


Front of the Line

Cash Back


Extended Service
Pick the Membership that is right for you
  Ultimate Membership Premium Membership Classic Membership
One Spring and One Fall System Performance Enhancement!      
Emergency Service Same Day Front of the Line Front of the Line
DIAGNOSTIC CHARGE No Charge EVER! No Charge EVER! Diagnostic Charge Applies
Furnace Filters, Humidifier Pad and Cleaning Included      
SAVINGS on all Repairs 20% off 15% off 10% off
Warranty Length Repairs are warranted as long as Ultimate Membership is in Effect! Repairs are warranted for 3 years (While Membership is in Effect) 1 year warranty on Repairs
Accruement toward System Replacement $60 a year $40 a year No Accrual
Comfort Concierge Service      
After Hour Charge NO Charge After Hour Repair Charges Apply After Hour Repair Charges Apply
Monthly Membership Cost $41.50 $31.50 $21.50
Additional System Pricing
Ultimate Membership Premium Membership Classic Membership
add $30.00/month
for each additional system
add $20.00/month
for each additional system
add $12.50/month
for each additional system
Please call the office for pricing if:
  • Your home has more than 3 systems.
  • Your home has Ductless Split Systems.
  • Your home has Air Conditioning or Heating only Systems.
  • Your home has other “Nonā€Standard” HVAC Systems.

Call us at (314) 351-2533 to schedule your maintenance today!

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