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Why Vogel?


I'm John Vogel, President of Vogel Heating & Cooling, one of the leading HVAC companies in St. Louis. Thank you for your interest in our company and for giving me your valuable time to explain what we are doing at Vogel to deserve your business.

All our competition runs through the standard laundry list of items that you truly should expect from any service provider openly soliciting business in any field. I could fill volumes boasting of our technicians, our 75 years in business, our qualifications, our staying power or our work history, but here’s the real answer to the question:

Why you should choose Vogel?

Every day we strive to build a culture within our HVAC business that delivers the kind of experience we ourselves would like to have when working with an HVAC contractor or service provider. Those qualities include: convenience, trustworthiness, value, quality, and most importantly, our willingness to stand behind both our successes and our failures.

While rare, I cannot guarantee that we will never make a mistake. As great as our people are, our work is highly technical in nature and so are our products. However, I can guarantee that we continually strive for perfection and we stand unwaveringly behind the products we represent, our work, and most importantly, the commitments we make to you. When you choose Vogel, this assurance is what you can expect.

So really our mission is to move you from having to ask, “Why should I choose Vogel?” to “Why would I work with anyone else?”.

Warmest Regards, John Vogel

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